Autodesk Revit Architecture

Essential Training
Course Duration: 20 hrs. Online 1 to 1 Class Here is course main headings. What you will learn in this class. Have a look on following topics.
  • What is Revit? uses of Revit & user interface Autodesk Revit software.
  • Understand of element properties and project browser.
  • Different method of create elements.
  • Create building elements e.g. Walls, doors, windows, floor & roof.
  • All modify techniques e.g. move, copy, mirror, scale etc.
  • Working with circulation elements e.g. stairs, railing & ramp.
  • Working with rooms & Area buildings.
  • Working with different types of opening e.g. wall, roof & floor openings.
  • Working with Revit predefined components e.g. furniture & lighting components.
  • Working with our components with Revit advanced modelling.
  • Working with annotation tools e.g. dimensions, tagging. Hatching etc.
  • Linking other projects e.g. AutoCAD, other Revit files etc.
  • Materials and Render techniques.
  • Graphics and 2d details techniques.
  • Create sheet for printing and presentation.
  • Warning: Projects practice is not including in this class. No Certificate provide by Instructor.


  • Complete payment before starting class.
  • Fix your timing class before submit payment.
  • Install Team Viewer in your desktop or laptop and any software for voice call in your Mobile or Computer e.g. Skype.
  • Your internet speed should be 1 mbps (megabyte per second) minimum.
  • You must note all important point and technique during class.
  • All important notes and document will be provide by instructor.

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